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*** Please Help the rescue and rehabilitation effort for Savar Disaster Victims *** With your generous contribution About $13K has been raised so far **** Next step is to help support rehabilitate the surviving victims and their family ***

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Rana Plaza, a nine-storey building, housing five garment factories, a shopping complex and a branch of Brac Bank collapsed Wednesday April 24th, 2013 morning, trapping inside a huge number of people.
The death toll from Savar building collapse reached 250 Thursday as the rescuers continued their frantic effort to save those trapped inside the rubble of the building.
In a total of 1500 injured people — trapped inside the debris — were rescued and  admitted to different hospitals till 3:30pm Thursday, Abdul Wazed, director general of the Department of Disaster Management told The Daily Star.
The country is observing a national mourning day on Thursday in memory of the Savar victims.
Ankur international has teamed up with a volunteer group of BUET students to help facilitate the rescue effort for the remaining people trapped in the building.


Quick update as of 04/29/2013:

So far our BUET volunteers’ efforts have been focused on helping rescue team. Several students are working onsite. We have provided Oxygen gas cylinders, safety glasses, cutting tools, “Kafoner kapor” and many other urgently needed items. The rescue still continues until last voice is heard.
The local hospital will need lots of support (
Enam Medical College, CMH, BGMEA etc.). As you know already many survivors have expired. The infections and injuries are so severe, giving them proper Medicare is a challenge. We are trying to team up with a few doctors who are working 24/7. Fund will be need here ASAP. I thank you all for the funds that you are proving.   
As next steps we will be participating in (1) treatment or (2) post treatment rehabilitation (ensure an income source for the victim/victim's family). Within the next few days we will come back to you with a plan how we can support the victims.


Volunteers with the rescued victims



Initial Request:

Here is a list of items that are needed to rescue the trapped unfortunate ones:

দুর্ঘটনাস্থলে ত্রাণ কাজে নিয়োজিতদের কাছ থেকে ওখানে মূহুর্তে প্র্য়োজনীয় জিনিসগুলোর তালিকা পাওয়া গেছে কিছুক্ষণ হল তালিকাটি নীচে দেয়া হল (প্রয়োজনের অগ্রগন্যতা অনুযায়ী):
১। কাটিং টুলস (যে কোনো ধরনের যা দিয়ে ' ১০ ' দেয়াল কাটা যায়) (Cutting tools that could be used for cutting 5"/10" brick wall)
২। বৈদ্যুতিক তারো, তার টেনে বাতি জ্বালানো টুলস চালানোর জন্যে।  (Electric cable for operating electric machineries and light)
৩। টর্চ লাইট (গতকাল পর্যাপ্ত পরিমানে ছিল আজ খুঁজে পাওয়া যাচ্ছে না)। (Torch light/ Flash Light)
৪। অক্সিজেন বহনের জন্যে প্লাস্টিক পাইপ।                                     (Plastic pipe for oxygen supply)
৫। সেইফটি গগলস, ধাতব সামগ্রী কাটার সময়ে প্রয়োজন।                 (Safety Googles)
৬। ডিসপোজেবল মেডিক্যাল গ্লাভস।                                            (Disposable Medical gloves)
৭। এয়ার ফ্রেসেনার (ওখানে মানুষ পঁচার প্রচন্ড দুর্গন্ধে ত্রাণ কাজে নিয়োজিতদের কাজ করতে বেগ পেতে হচ্ছে।)  (Air Freshner)



Please come forward and contribute whatever you can for helping these people in Bangladesh.







For Contribution Please Contact ::

Shaestagir Chowdhury

BUET Student Volunteer lists:

Afjalul Islam  CE  Batch 10 Ph: 01686 72 40 14
Rafy              ChE Batch 09 Ph: 01840 26 82 70
Shoukhin       ChE Batch 11 ph:01678 13 06 75
Khairul          CE Batch 09 ph:01677 34 93 91
afir                CE Batch 12 ph:01761 92 39 55
Rifat              ChE AULA (Att) ph: 01829674060
Zim               CSE Titumir[res] Ph: 01829674014
Arif                CSE Titumir[res] Ph: 01751854171
Samiul           CE Suhrawardy Ph: 01718945493
Rayhan          CSE AULA       Ph:01759278707
Shafat            EEE Titumir(406) Ph: 01737350226
Adnan Siddiquey EEE(SBH-1004)Ph: 01835653967
ZihadMondal       ME(SBH-111) ph:01751091134,01673278267




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